Hello! I'm Patbox!

I'm a Fabric modder trying to make its server side ecosystem better one mod/library at the time.

Mods (Minecraft)

Armor Stand Editor

It's a simple, in game, server side Armor Stand editor. It's great way to allow users to add details in a simple way. Additionally, it's fully survival friendly, so it can be safely used on survival (and alike) servers.

Ban Hammer

Simple, customisable punishment utility mod for Fabric. Allows moderators to permanently/temporary ban, mute or kick players. Supports Fabric Permissions API used by LuckPerms and PlayerRoles. Every user facing message is configurable with support of advanced formatting It has build in support for SQLite and MySQL databases.

Box Of Placeholders

It's a simple addon/compability mod, that adds placeholders from other mods (+ few own ones)


Simple mod that allows to create of server side holograms with full support for formatting and items. Everything is created on packet level, which means commands or other mods shouldn't break them. Formatting uses PlaceholderAPI's Simple Text Format. It also supports usage of placeholders from Placeholder API.

Styled Chat

It's a simple mod that allows server owners to change how their chat looks! It supports changing style per player with permissions (supports LuckPerms and PlayerRoles).

Styled Nicknames

It's a configurable mod allowing your server's players (and admins) to change their nickname with full Simplified Text Formatting support. It supports LuckPerms, PlayerRoles or any other fabric permission api compatible mod, with automatic removal of nicknames for players without permissions.

Styled Player List

A mods that allows server owners to style their player list as they like! Supports having multiple, user-selectable styles with full permissions support.

Universal Graves

It's a simple, but really customisable grave/death chest mod! You can change how every message, block and hologram looks, how long it will be protected, if should drop items after expiring, etc.

Libraries (Minecraft)

Hologram API

It's a small, jij-able library for creating server side holograms showing text, items or even entities. They can be fully interactive with different actions depending on where players click.

Placeholder API

It's a small, jij-able API that allows creation and parsing placeholders within strings and Minecraft Text Components. Placeholders use simple format of %modid:type% or %modid:type/data%. It also includes simple, general usage text format indented for simplifying user input in configs/chats/etc.

Player Data API

Micro library for storing additional data for players, that isn't stored with main entity NBT.


It's a library for creating server side content, that work for player's without mods or (required) resource packs! You can create blocks, items and entities, that not only will work fully on server side (and singleplayer), but also are represented on server the same as normal (vanilla/modded) ones (unlike bukkit/spigot ones, that are stored as vanilla block).

This library also should work correctly with other, non-polymer mods and PolyMC!


It's a small, jij-able library that allows creation of server side guis (chest/furnace/villager/etc) in a quick and simple way.

Sidebar API

It's a small, jij-able library for creation of server side sidebars (scoreboards) with full support of Minecraft's text components (which allow custom fonts/colors and unlimited line length).

Other Projects

Cobblestone Classic

Cobblestone is a server for Minecraft Classic 0.30. It's written in Typescript and running with Deno! This project isn't complete yet and it still lacks some of minor features (they still can be implemented with plugins).

VoxelSrv (Noa/TS version)

VoxelSrv is a voxel game inspired by Minecraft, where you can build, mine and craft (not implemented yet). This game is still in early development, so many features might be not implemented yet! It support Singleplayer and Multiplayer (requires hosting own server).

Currently development has been dropped, but I want to resurect it in some way.